Cristina Victor: Dec 5-30, 2012

December 5- 30
Cristina Victor:
L.A. Novela Special

L.A. Novela Special is a month long, multifaceted endurance performance piece by interdisciplinary artist Cristina Victor, as her alter-ego Miami. Everyone is invited to dine from Cristina’s / Miami’s rotating taste menu of “authentic” dishes while simultaneously being immersed in a storyline pumped with drama, fiction/reality, contradiction and unexpected occurrences of Miami’s mundo. The protagonist, Miami, is a talented extroverted spanglish speaking badass underappreciated as a cook in Otto’s oppressively militant yet bland restaurant. When she forms a coup against him and wins, she finds herself unexpectedly in charge, in power and on stage! Every night.

Will her past come back to haunt her? Duh. Will it all be in spanglish? Claro que si! Will you be there to see it all go down?

As the daughter of Cuban-American exiles born and raised in Miami, the inheritance of exile experience is at the root of my desire to contextualize a sense of cultural displacement. Through performance/food events, video and installation, I create environments where parody, fiction, contradiction and nostalgia are all ingredients to addressing the complexities of representing identity. My practice often involves appropriating stereotypes present in mass media, specifically about Latino identity, through my alter ego Miami. By way of humor, kitschy DIY aesthetics, and “authentic” food, I intend to seduce people into a situation in which they are immersed in stereotypes that are familiar yet very clearly performed. I want people who experience  L.A. Novela Special to feel satiated yet spinning from what they just experienced with the hopes that any of the various elements — whether it be the food, the stereotype, the language, the storytelling, or the staging — resonates.
Cristina Victor received a AA from Miami Dade Community College, a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, and her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has exhibited, performed and screened work nationally including Huele, Oye y Jama at Meridian Gallery, Sonido Pirata at the Sonoma Valley Art Museum and The New Wave at the Kadist Foundation. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.