Hapa Hotpot: Loving Day Celebration with Genevieve Erin O’Brien

Thursday, June 12 – Loving Day
6:00pm, $8-15 sliding scale
Let’s celebrate Loving Day together. Join artist-in-residence Genevieve Erin O’Brien for a dialogue about Hapa and mixed race identity and how culture, ethnicity, and race engage our sense of self, home, nostalgia, and community through food.
Why hotpot? It’s a fun, communal way to share food and stories. You can mix and match the ingredients to make your perfect bowl of soup. Wouldn’t it be easier if life was like that? The hotpots have two sides just like Hapas–try Korean spicy kimchi chigae broth on one side with light, chicken kaffir broth on the other side or perhaps you prefer a spicy lemongrass pork broth on one side with a ginger soy broth on the other side.
Bring a Hapa recipe to share, with stories of your favorite cultural mash-ups. Do you love peanut butter and pork floss sandwiches on white bread? What about fried chicken banh mi? How do your diverse ethnic cultures meet up and make out in the kitchen? These stories and recipes will be collected to create a Hapa dinner menu to be served at Thank You For Coming at a later date.
More info:
2014 TYFC Artists-In-Residence
Genevieve Erin O’Brien