Castle Gourmet, IAO, and TYFC Present: Stop and Smell Your Dinner

Friday, October 3
7:30pm Dinner + Scent Pairing, $65 Advanced Tickets here
Castle Gourmet, The Institute for Art and Olfaction, and Thank You For Coming present Stop and Smell Your Dinner, a scented pop-up dining experience.
Thank You For Coming is excited to be a part of the second scented dinner collaboration between Chef Anne Lee of Castle Gourmet Dining and our pals over at local perfume non-profit, the Institute for Art and Olfaction.
Featuring four courses from Chef Anne at Castle Gourmet with illuminating and complementary scent pairings from the IAO. If you were part of their last dinner, you know what Anne can do with food, and you know what happens when you pair up excellent food and some seriously considered scent: Sensorial magic.
The evening will be hosted by the delightful Phyllis Navidad, making sure you are seated, charmed, introduced, entertained, scented and – above all – fed.
Seating is limited, so get your tickets here, now!
More info here and here.

A Continental Breakfast + Preserves Tasting with Karen Atkinson

Sunday, September 7
11:00am-2:00pm Brunch*, $12 at the door
*This event will take place during Thank You For Coming’s regular Sunday Brunch service. Regular menu not available.
Artist-In-Residence Karen Atkinson has been hard at work in our kitchen putting up the summer bounty. Join us this Sunday for a family-style Continental Breakfast with Karen, where she’ll be offering the following preserves (and more) for you to try: Apple Jelly / Blackberry, Apple + Molasses Jam / Blueberry Pomegranate Jelly / Cherry Apple Vanilla Jelly / Cucumber Jelly / Curry Ketchup / Old Recipe Dill Pickles / Grape Jelly / Roasted Grape Cardamom Jam / Summer Melon Jam / Old Recipe Pickle Relish / Pineapple Coconut Jam / Red Tomato Spicy Jam / Yellow Tomato Spicy Jam / Watermelon Jelly / Watermelon Rind Pickles
Also on the menu, all TYFC-made and/or prepared by Karen: Toast (TYFC’s housemade Sourdough) + Granola + Yogurt + Muffins + Eggs + Trystero Coffee + Tea
Karen Atkinson’s ceramic dishware and kitchenware items will be on sale for 25% off during this brunch.
Bring in a canning jar and get a 50 cent coupon off any purchase at Thank You For Coming.
See you SUNDAY.
More info here and here.

PATAO Pop-Up: A Post-Colonial Filipino Dining Experience

Saturday, August 2
$40 Advance Tickets here
PATAO is an exercise in cultural storytelling through the preparation of traditional Philippine cuisine. The pop-up explores personal heritage through sensory modalities reflected in food, family, and language. Anthony Martin of PATAO seeks to quench a certain cultural ‘hiccup’, a by-product of living in a home away from home-land, and resolves to preserve and reinterpret tradition by proxy of the cuisine.
The dinner will include a four-course prix-fixe meal of Filipino dishes* and presentation of artwork made in collaboration with New York-based designer, Benjamin Critton.
*Please note that some dishes contain nuts.
More info here.
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Blind-(d)ate synesthetic dining experience with Claret-Cup – SOLD OUT!

Friday, July 25
$30 Advance Tickets–SOLD OUT!
Join Claret Cup at Thank You For Coming for Blind-(d)ate, a tasting adventure where your eyes, nose and taste-buds collaborate in an unconventional way to enjoy food and create a collective, synesthetic eating environment.
Menu items will bear names that foreground the dominant color of the dish and hint at some of its other experiential qualities. Instead of relying on descriptions of dishes’ ingredients and methods of preparation, guests will choose their meals based on their attraction to the dominant color of each dish.
Claret-Cup hypothesizes that by intentionally obscuring familiar cognitive information about the food served, guests will use their other senses to collect and connect the clues provided for a heightened tasting experience. At the same time, guests’ initial color choices will form the environment in which the dining event unfolds, empowering them to both create and decipher a more complete experience through color.
If you are planning on coming to this dinner, please consider attending the screen-printing workshop in preparation for this dining experience!

More info here and here.

Restaurant Le Wow: a PKMN dining experience (with KCHUNG)

Saturday, July 19
12:30pm-8:00pm, $5 if you don’t eat
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Come on out for a day of Pokemon battling, trading, and eating from a menu not unlike a Trainer’s diet. Featuring Thank You For Coming’s trainer oriented menu as well as onigiri and pokepuffs! See a Pokemon art installation by Johnnie JungleGuts and battle in an OU doubles tournament, Smogon University rules! Entrance is free if you eat a meal and five dollars if not!
This event is brought you by KChung Radio‘s year long residency at Thank You For Coming.
More info:
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