Tapas Party + Fundraiser + Ceramic Sale + Opening Reception

Saturday, July 12
5:00pm-6:00pm Opening Reception, FREE!
6:00pm-9:00pm, $30 at the door ($25 Advance Ticket + Member Price)

We’re pleased to host two events (on the same day) with Artist-In-Residence Karen Atkinson–
First, join us for a toast for an Opening Reception for Karen’s wall collaboration with Bernard Brunon (That’s Painting) from 5-6pm.
Then, please drop by anytime 6-9pm for Karen’s Amuse Your Mouth Tapas Party, which she is structuring as a Fundraiser for Thank You For Coming’s Artist-In-Residence Program, and which will also mark the debut of her collection of recently hand-built, custom ceramic tapas dishes. The ceramics will be used to serve tapas made by artist-cooks invited by Karen to cook small bites, sweets, and sips. Attendees will be able to purchase the plates they eat off of (as well as others on display).
TAPAS ARTIST-COOKS: Karen Atkinson / Bernard Brunon / Nancy Ganucheau / Genevieve Erin O’Brien / Orly Olivier / Christopher Reynolds / Joanna Reynolds / Thank You For Coming
Karen Atkinson is an Artist-In-Residence for a full year at Thank You For Coming. She is working with us on building infrastructure, including making ceramics as an earned income strategy. Her one-of-a-kind small plates will be used to serve tapas for this event, and attendees are welcome to purchase the plates they are eating off of (as well as others on display). Karen is also working on individual dinner sets for one, which will be available soon at Thank You For Coming.
The artist-cooks listed above are working with Karen to fundraise for Thank You For Coming’s residency program by cooking and offering unique tapas dishes.

Blind-Print Screen-printing Workshop with Claret-Cup

Sunday, July 13
$30 Workshop–Reserve your spot by by clicking the pay button below, BYO stuff to print on (tote bags, tees, etc.)
In preparation for the Blind-(d)ate dinner on July 25, Claret-Cup is offering a screen-printing workshop, in which participants will produce print materials that are suggestive of the dishes on the menu and supportive of the table environment for the dining event.
Workshop participants can expect to gain a basic understanding of the screen-printing process, get hands-on experience printing, and take home an indelible mark of their participation on an item they bring to the workshop to print on. The color-food associations that are the basis of the Blind-(d)ate dining experience will not be revealed during the workshop — but rather, pieces of the prints will be mailed to diners who are interested in receiving the recipes for the dishes that they ate.

The screen-printing workshop and dining event are strongly related, and attendance to both are encouraged. Alternatively, participants can decide to attend only one of the events.
More info here and here.

Shabbat Dinner with Petit Takett / East Side Jews Last Sabbath

Friday, June 27
7pm, $45
Advance Ticket Purchase
A cultural experience hosted by Petit Takett, in conjunction with East Side Jews Last Sabbath series.
Orly Olivier’s Petit Takett returns to Thank You For Coming to host a Shabbat Dinner with the East Side Jews. To get a taste of the Petit Takett experience, be sure to check out the photos, stories, and recipes over at Petit Takett.
Purchase tickets here here
More info:
Petit Takett

KCHUNG + TYFC host The Big Draw at Atwater Artwalk

Saturday, June 21 – during
Atwater Artwalk
5:00pm-10:00pm, Drawing materials provided
Kitchen OPEN
DJ sets and Live Broadcast from KCHUNG/KTYFC
TYFC + KCHUNG host a collaborative drawing event at this year’s Atwater Artwalk. The Big Draw LA is a series of drawing activities where the public — people of all ages and abilities — gets to make art at a wide variety of venues — from museums and parks to unique locations in neighborhoods. These events are organized and led by community-based organizations across the region.
More info here and here.

Hapa Hotpot: Loving Day Celebration with Genevieve Erin O’Brien

Thursday, June 12 –
Loving Day
6:00pm, $8-15 sliding scale
Let’s celebrate Loving Day together. Join artist-in-residence Genevieve Erin O’Brien for a dialogue about Hapa and mixed race identity and how culture, ethnicity, and race engage our sense of self, home, nostalgia, and community through food.
Why hotpot? It’s a fun, communal way to share food and stories. You can mix and match the ingredients to make your perfect bowl of soup. Wouldn’t it be easier if life was like that? The hotpots have two sides just like Hapas–try Korean spicy kimchi chigae broth on one side with light, chicken kaffir broth on the other side or perhaps you prefer a spicy lemongrass pork broth on one side with a ginger soy broth on the other side.
Bring a Hapa recipe to share, with stories of your favorite cultural mash-ups. Do you love peanut butter and pork floss sandwiches on white bread? What about fried chicken banh mi? How do your diverse ethnic cultures meet up and make out in the kitchen? These stories and recipes will be collected to create a Hapa dinner menu to be served at Thank You For Coming at a later date.
More info:
2014 TYFC Artists-In-Residence
Genevieve Erin O’Brien

Drinkollage Brunch: Scissors + Magazines + Glue + Mimosas

Sunday, June 8
11:00am-3:00pm – – during TYFC’s
Sunday Brunch
Scissors + Magazines + Glue provided
About Drinkollage:
DRINKOLLAGE began in the fall of 2011 with a group of friends, a stack of magazines, scissors, glue, and some cans of Coors Lite.
It has since developed into a semi-regular gathering of friends who make collages together and drink. In May 2013 we published the first issue of our ZINE.
More info:

Petit Takett Cultural Experience Returns: Shabbat Dinners in May

Fridays, May 23 + May 30
7:30pm, $45 Advance Ticket Purchase
A cultural experience hosted by
Petit Takett
Orly Olivier’s Petit Takett returns to Thank You For Coming to host 2 Shabbat Dinners in May. To get a taste of the Petit Takett experience, be sure to check out the photos and recap from the first Petit Takett event at Thank You For Coming.
Purchase tickets for May 23 here – SOLD OUT!
Purchase tickets for May 30 here
*Please note we’ve canceled the dinners for May 2 + May 9.
More info:
Petit Takett

Vincent Price Birthday Dinner: Delights From the Sultan’s Pantry

Thursday, May 29
7:00pm, Four-course meal and performance (One seating only!), $25 at the door
RSVP on Facebook
In honor of Vincent Price’s birthday, Vincent Price aficionado Matt Babb will perform as Vincent Price, accompanied by historic audio recordings. He will be cooking dishes from the “Delights From the Sultan’s Pantry” menu from Vincent Price’s 1970s audio cookbook, Push Button Cookery. The menu includes Eggplant Caviar with Pita Bread, Fruit Salad with Yogurt Dressing, Yogurt Honey Chicken (or Seitan Kabobs for vegetarian option) and a special Birthday Baklava with Turkish Coffee for Dessert.
Vincent Price was a stage actor with a passion for life, art, and food. Watch a video of him cooking with Wolfgang Puck here.
*Please note that this event will be filmed. Seating is limited and will be accommodated on a first come, first serve basis.

New York’s Sunview Luncheonette Visits Thank You For Coming

Thursday, April 24
7pm, Dinner Presentation
A presentation of the activities of the
Sunview Luncheonette in NYC from three of its members visiting LA. The Luncheonette is a storefront on pause; a member-based social club; a microvenue for art, poetics, regionalism, mutual aid, and commoning. The Luncheonette performs semi-public dinners, talks, workshops, lectures, plays, reading groups, and musical interludes in a semi-private setting.
More info on the Luncheonette here.

Radio Launch for KTYFC, a syndicate of KCHUNG / What’s Your Utopia?

Saturday, May 3
12pm-4pm, $FREE Food in exchange for your opinions on air!
Thank You For Coming (TYFC) and
KCHUNG Radio are celebrating the launch of KTYFC – a syndicate of KCHUNG Radio. Come join us and take part in an interactive radio broadcast to share your visions of a better LA!
FREE FOOD served 12p-4p in exchange for your 2 cents.
Poster art by Barbie Insua — thank you!
This project is made possible by LA2050 as part of their #LA2050 Listens series. LA2050 is soliciting feedback on their draft goals for LA.
Their draft goals are:
LA is the best place to LEARN.
LA is the best place to CREATE.
LA is the best place to PLAY.
LA is the best place to CONNECT.
RSVP to join us via Facebook here.
More info on the KCHUNG-TYFC radio project and two-way residency here.
More info on KCHUNG Radio here.
More info on LA2050 here.