Petit Takett: Tunisian Jewish Immigrant Culture Through Food

Saturday, March 22
7pm, $45 Advance Ticket Purchase here
A unique dining experience hosted by Petit Takett
Come and explore Tunisian Jewish Immigrant culture through food, music and ephemera
Music by dublab
Sorbet by Gormet Sorbet
Menu TBA
About Petit Takett:
I like to think of Petit Takett as two things; a place to share my love of cooking, and a family album. The name Petit Takett comes from my grandmotherʼs restaurant in Tunisia. After the Second World War, the English soldiers in Tunisia would offer my uncle Roland, then just a young boy, chocolates, saying to him, “take it, take it.” “Take it,” in their French Tunisian dialect, became “takett.” Takett became my uncleʼs nickname and eventually the name of my grandmotherʼs restaurant. She passed her love of cooking on to her son, Sylvain, my father. He in turn passed that love on to me. Petit Takett is my way of honoring both my familyʼs heritage and their crazy love for food. – Orly Olivier
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Petit Takett

Potions Workshop for Kids with Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock

Wednesdays, March 5 – May 14, 2014
4pm-5:30pm, $100 for ten week session
Potions Workshop in collaboration with
Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
Ages 6-12
An experimental food and art series using plant parts, live cultures and alchemy to explore processes for bewitching, healing, eating, and play. Spells, sodas, syrups, soups, sourdough, salves, + secrets.
Classes take place at Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock at 2225 Colorado Blvd, LA, CA 90041, with 2 sessions at Thank You For Coming’s restaurant storefront
Taught by: Jenn Su (co-founder of Thank You For Coming, gardening teacher at Larchmont Charter School, UC certified Master Gardener + Master Food Preserver) with special guest teachers from TYFC
Register here
More info:
Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock

Winter Solstice Cookie Exchange + Brunch with The Order

Sunday, December 22
11am-3pm, Come with cookies and come hungry
The Order returns to Thank You For Coming to help us celebrate the shortest day of the year. We bring you golden foods to warm the heart as we wish for the sun, and add some cheerfulness to the long, dark days with a cookie exchange. Bring 2-3 dozen cookies and recipe cards to join us in preparation for the coming new year.