KCHUNG: Two-Way Residency
KCHUNG has been hoping, for some time, to put together a “repeater network” situated at sites around LA. Each site would have its own AM transmitter, a way to pick up the KCHUNG stream for re-broadcasting, and a way to make original content to share with the other sites in the network. KCHUNG intends to launch this project within the realm of a two-way residency with Thank You For Coming: TYFC will host the first transmitter and in return, KCHUNG will host TYFC radio on the KCHUNG waves. This project will be realized through several micro-fundraisers, performances, and broadcasts at Thank You For Coming organized by KCHUNG DJs.

Established in 2011, KCHUNG is a creative hub of artists, musicians, philosophers, and tinkerers broadcasting live on 1630AM from a studio above a pho restaurant in Los Angeles’s Chinatown. The radio station currently airs 108 live, original shows each month, including original news reports, on-air meditation, gestures of an economic and performative nature, and music. More info here.

karenatkinsonKAREN ATKINSON: Social Dinnerware
Karen Atkinson will concentrate on creating and using social dinnerware in collaboration with chefs, patrons and other artists in order to create a dialog about the nature of dining socially. This conceptual dinnerware will be on display and for sale and use by Thank You For Coming diners to explore an earned income model for the artists who make them as well as for the restaurant. Further infrastructure development will also play a part in Karen’s work at Thank You For Coming.

Karen Atkinson is an artist living and working in Los Angeles who often transcends traditional art making processes in order to expand dialog in the process and reception of art and ideas. She has taught at CalArts since 1988, was the co-founder of Side Street Projects, was an artist in 2013’s GLOW in Santa Monica, and recently started teaching Critical Ceramics at CalArts. A little known history of Atkinson’s is that she used to a master potter and her first museum show incorporated large, clay sculptures. She is currently re-imagining the use of clay in contemporary art strategies and also runs a business as an art practice, Getting Your Sh*t Together or GYSTInk. More info here.

Eat Me is a “synaesthetic” exploration of the performance of, appropriation and misappropriation of identity and culture through food. This exploration is rooted in social practice and is being developed in collaboration with community based organizations and through workshops with community members. Throughout the course of the year, the artist will seek to answer the questions: How does food illustrate our relationship to ourselves, to our multifaceted identities, and to our communities? How do we perform identity through food? How does memory, nostalgia and self become mediated and negotiated through a relationship to food and culture?

Genevieve Erin O’Brien is a Queer Vietnamese/Irish/American artist, culinary adventurer, community organizer, and educator. O’Brien lives and works in Los Angeles and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She holds an MFA in Performance from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2009, O’Brien was a Fulbright Fellow in Vietnam. O’Brien uses performance, video and installation to explore notions of “home” and “homeland”. Her conceptual and durational performances, one-woman shows, as well as installations and videos have been presented at galleries and public venues both nationally and internationally. She believes in unicorns and also loves noodles and dumplings. More info here.

In order to survive the imminent apocalypse and end of the world, Jason Metcalf and Meg Boyle will create a two year supply of emergency food storage (a task they were admonished to complete while being raised Mormon in Utah and Arizona). Their interest is in constructing – and ultimately exhibiting – a usable mass of food, while also exploring its aesthetic values. This year at Thank You For Coming, through experiments, workshops, sermons, and meals – they will prepare.

Jason Metcalf has an interest in the physicalization of folklore and is currently working with the Historical Society of Deseret to organize their archive for forthcoming exhibitions. For his August 2013 project at Thank You For Coming titled Special Meal, Jason served the last meals of executed death row prisoners. More info here.
Meg Boyle’s fascination with food and the human connection has led her to collaborate with Jason on a number of projects including Friends of Utah, Los Angeles Chapter and Special Meal at Thank You For Coming in 2013.


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